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Product Marketing Services

Product Marketing Services

If advertising alone generated the stellar results that all entrepreneurs dream of, then everyone would have a Super Bowl commercial.

The truth is, many companies overspend on wasted advertising that doesn’t generate results. A sensible mix of advertising, public relations and other marketing initiatives will generate awareness for your product, keep it top of mind, compel consumers to purchase and instill brand loyalty.


Digital advertising is the way of the future—and present! We look at opportunities and compare analytics (costs, click thru rates, audience, etc.), strategically aligning our clients with the best opportunities for positive ROI. If we wouldn’t do it for our own products, we won’t recommend it for yours!


Public relations (PR) is third party validation for your product. Instead of you telling the world how great your new product is, someone is championing it for you. This is important because it provides an element of objectivity that advertising lacks.

  • Influencers
  • Targeted media
  • Credibility
  • Major media equals major views
  • Trade media
  • Tap into current trends, news or holidays.
  • Proves your expertise
  • Show off your “trophy case” of national awards

Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to introduce your products to a large number of buyers at once. But we don’t just set up a table and sign and wait for buyers and media to come to us. We actively seek out face to face meetings, even before the show starts. We also give as much attention to your booth as we would an ad—first impressions count!

Buyers love when suppliers actively promote their products because they know it helps to drive traffic to their stores and online to sell more product! Plus, every media hit, trade show appearance and ad gives us an opportunity to follow up with a potential buyer and share the excitement and validation of new successes.