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Mon - Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM
914.574.4541 x 701
Midtown East: 830 3rd Ave., 5th Fl., NYC, NY 10022
Westchester: 75 S. Broadway, 4th Fl., White Plains, NY 10601

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Sales (in-store and online)

Sales (in-store and online)

We’re not just creative in our design, but also in our strategy. Inventors ourselves, we have strong relationships with retailers and know what they want! We act as manufacturers’ representatives, and work with established companies to provide fresh perspectives.

Our sales methodology has been tested and proven, successfully helping entrepreneurs penetrate the lucrative world of product placement. We are honored to be considered one of the most respected, sought after, and award-winning independent sales representative companies by both retailers and entrepreneurs!

We are a vendor of record with 20+ major retailers for several reasons:

    • Due diligence, research, respect for retailers time and resources.
    • Relationships with traditional retailers and some unexpected retailers.
    • Hit the ground running and launch on all fronts–FAST.
    • Established vendor of record
    • Anticipate and keep ahead of retail trends.
    • Short term and long term views/goals.
    • Bulldogs. “No” to us means revise your strategy.

Of course, getting the product on store shelves is only Step 1. Staying there is the heart of Business Development